April 27, 2017

President Trumps immigration ban


The world has been in constant discussion of the executive order referred to as the “Travel Ban” or  “Immigration Ban”. The ban bares immigrants, workers, students, visitors and refugees from seven countries who don’t already have a green card or visa. These seven countries are all Muslim countries and critics see this as a direct attack on Muslims. I don’t put it past Donald Trump to write an executive order, which specifically targets Muslims, but peoples choices to call this a Muslim ban cites their own ignorance. There are many Muslim countries with higher populations of Muslims all over the world that aren’t effect by the ban. The ban has also had a rolling effect on illegal immigrants of every nationality all over this country.

Many have cited the bill as being un-American. In my opinion this bill is actually as American as it gets. This is a country built on the backs of immigrants and minorities but all this country has ever done is persecute these people. This ban isn’t the first or the last time that the United States government has singled out a group of people and pushed laws and legislations that intentionally exclude them. As much as I despise Donald Trump and his actions as president, I believe this is what the U.S. needs. Actions like these open the eyes of the “ racism doesn’t exist” people of the U.S. This country is in need of serious reform that in a democracy only comes from the action of the people. There is no way in this country to make it a more equal and safer place for everyone if the citizens don’t open their eyes to see the U.S. as unsafe and unequal. These are the days of revolution and no revolution comes without people feeling uncomfortable and mistreated.  


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