April 27, 2017

Protest on Howard University Campus



Howard University is built on a legacy of protest and resistant. All of those who came before us participated in some form of protest whether it was against the university or any system that they saw oppressed them. Since I’ve been at Howard University I heard about how student protest resulted in so much change on this campus. Student protest is what got us classes to study our own history. We are taught by professors everyday to speak out against injustices and to always have a voice. So yes I believe it was appropriate for Howard Students to protest at convocation. I believe it was the responsibility of the student body to make sure that their voices were heard. We all know that Howard University hates bad press and anytime students make things aware in the eyes of the press we see changes. The 150th convocation was a place that would be covered with press and Howard dignitaries. The Students saw a great chance to be heard and they took it.

Now I don’t agree with vandalizing school property to get their point across, although the signs and spray-paint across campus sparked up lots of conversations. Many students didn’t know that President Frederick met with President Trump so it brought awareness to the campus. It was interesting to hear the different perspective from students. In most of my classes students didn’t believe that Frederick betrayed us by meeting with Trump. We agreed that conversation is necessary to establish change. Most students were worried about what would be talked about in these conversations. Students weren’t sure if the president of their university had their best interest in mind. To me the vandalism was more disrespectful to the university than to Frederick. I thought about if I saw that spray-painted on the yard when I took my first tour in 2013.  Seeing “ Trump Plantation” would have changed my views of this revolutionary school and could of influence me not to go here.  I respect all forms of protest but I just believe the student body needs to be more careful about expressing their grievances and making sure there is a real goal in mind.

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