May 5, 2017

What did Howard University teach you ?






The most important thing I learned at Howard University is “Self”. I learned about me. Not to say I didn’t know who I was before Howard University but this institution showed me all I could truly be. It exposed me to things I never imagined and gave me a different look on life.

When I arrived at Howard University, the summer of 2013 it had to be purely fate. I paid my housing deposit for three schools just in case. As the summer went on move-in dates passed and it looked like Howard was my choice. How bad could it be? It was the only acceptance that my grandmother announced to her church congregation.

I hated Howard when I got here. I thought in my head that there was no one here like me. People from my neighborhood barely went to college. I guess that speaks to the way I thought four years ago. I saw myself only by my situation, the oldest child of a single mother from a project in Brooklyn. I’m so much more than that!

Some of my Best friends in the world, from this university are nothing like me but at the same time we’re exactly the same. My friends grew up in middle class homes with both parents. They never had to worry about where their next meal would come from or when their whole life would restart. We all had been exposed to things in our lifetime that the others couldn’t imagine. Over the four years sharing our experiences with each other molded our perspective on the world.

This isn’t only true of my friend group this entire university is filled with brilliant black minds from all walks of life. Seeing this allowed me to imagine myself as more. I am a product of my environment, we all are. It isn’t some kind of death sentence. This University taught me to cherish my journey and cherish myself because it the one genuine thing we have in this life.



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