The Right Choice

April 27, 2017

Should Kamala Harris be the Commencement speaker?




I don’t really have an opinion on Kamala Harris as a choice for this year’s commencement. I didn’t really have an idea of who she was before she was announced as our speaker. I’ve taken the time out to do some research on her since then. I came across an interesting article about her done by the Huffington Post titled, “ Meet Kamala Harris, Who Could Become The First Woman President”.  This article caught my attention because that is a serious claim to make about a black woman who I hadn’t before heard about. As I read the article I found out about all the great work that Kamala has done. The article discussed her efforts to reduce school truancy, and eliminating the backup of rape kits in California. It also discussed her position as one of the leading attorneys in the Black Lives Matter Movement. After reading this article I’m interested in hearing what she has to say. I think that she will deliver an empowering speech. Since she is a Howard Alumni who supports many of the things us students fight for I believe she will offer us an interesting perspective on that Saturday Morning. She once sat exactly where we were and knows exactly what we need to hear. Although I’m not against Kamala Harris as our speaker I would have wanted some one as grand as President Obama. Seeing how next year is the 150th Commencement I understood that would probably not happen. Overall I’m in support of having a Woman Alumni who has broken many barriers and has thrived in positions dominated by men

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